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Hypnotherapy Sessions with Jackie Kania


Trilogic Hypnosis is offering session which can be purchased online if you would like to pay for your hypnotherapy session by credit card through PayPal.


What you can expect in Hypnosis:

  • You are always in control during hypnotherapy, you are not asleep, you are not unconscious - you are simply in a relaxed state of heightened awareness.
  • A state of heightened awareness where extremely powerful, lasting and rapid transformations take place.
  • Negative beliefs can be dissolved and positive beliefs created.
  • Positive beliefs move you forward beyond the limits of your past beliefs.

To learn more about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy please visit the What is Hypnotherapy page.


Single Hypnotherapy Session     $170.00
Single Hypnotherapy Session
Purchase a single session of Hypnotherapy with Jackie Kania, Cht.
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